Hpztoken is real Or fake | Hpztoken app review

HPZTOKEN COMPLETE REVIEW, Is Hpztoken is real Or Fake

What is HPZToken Site?

The main business of this company is leasing bitcoin mining machines. You only need to rent a Bitcoin mining machine to start making money but don't know when the company website closed. You only need to rent a Bitcoin mining machine to start making money. Now, you need to recharge 580rs to activate the qualification of the first-level equipment. There are lots of more recharge available on this site. 

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App Link : – https://www.hpztoken.com/index/login/register/invitecode/…..

We don't recommend this app because this app not have any legal document, so you join at your own risk, we are not responsible for money or any fraudulent.

Is Hpztoken App is real Earning money platform ? 

Yes, Hpztoken.com Working from last 60+ days and people earns lot of money from Hpztoken app, earning from this app depends upon plans which they take. I also earn Rs3700 from this app by investing just Rs337 and successfully transfer in my bank account, Not only me there are lots of peoples earning lakhs of rupees from this site. 

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But Don't trust more, we don't know when the company site closed so it's request to everyone don't invest more and at last I say invest at your own risk. 

Some proofs of payments 💰

Hpz-K580 is one of the cloud computing function hosting plans we provide to our customers.

The 580rs invested by the customer will get 45 days of computing power. The daily income is 29rs and the total income is 1305rs.

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Daily income will arrive in your account the next day, and you can apply for withdrawal directly. When your account balance reaches 580rs, you can continue to subscribe to Hpz-K580, and you will get higher income every day.

There are two types of income for member leasing equipment funds:

(1) During the equipment leasing contract process, the daily income generated by the equipment is the contract income;

(2) After the equipment contract expires, the principal of the leased equipment will be included in the original equity with the original capital, and the original equity will be included in the customer's income based on the company's original stock price converted into the number of shares as the annual dividend. Withdraw it yourself.



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  1. I invested but they automatically locked my y to invite others. I lost my investment

  2. I strongly recommend that never never never invest in this company

  3. How to catch those bastards.. I lost my 22000 ,

  4. Do complain at cyber crime im also gonna do it this site will be ban in india soon

  5. i am also invested in hpz 87000 i lost

  6. Fake website don't trust iam a victim of it I have joined 7 members my income at risk.I have joined with 580 rs Dallas mines I got 2864 in 18 days by inviting others.But now they are faking trapping to a cyclone my invitees more worried they had also invested 580 only better don't trust this fake application please all report this fake website complaint to cybercrime and do social media compaign to curb these types of fake fraudulent webseties please earadicate from india.The conclusion it is a fake don't trust my advise.

  7. I am losing 30000 rs no investment this app


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