How to register on | Is this FAKE COMPANY | Real or Fake fraud company

See the Complete Review of HPZTOKEN.COM FAKE  OR REAL WEBSITE 

Hpztoken company gives money to their users but this company don't have any legal document or any type of government document. 


There are lots of company doing fraud now a days with lot of peoples like first one is NEW AG which looted lots of money from peoples. So keep aware from these type of companies.

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Join hpztoken at your own risk 

How to register on Bitcoin company

Note:- Don't invest more on hpztoken

The Hpztoken is a biggest scam because they don't have any official legal government approval documents, this is just a online website which operates by whatsapp by some fake users. 

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What is HPZToken Site?

The main business of this company is leasing bitcoin mining machines. You only need to rent a Bitcoin mining machine to start making money but don't know when the company website closed. You only need to rent a Bitcoin mining machine to start making money. Now, you need to recharge 337rs to activate the qualification of the first-level equipment 

App Link : –…..

We don't recommend this app because this app not have any legal document, so you join at your own risk, we are not responsible for money or any fraudulent.

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HPZToken Earning Site Real or Fake :

There are lots of reason why hpztoken app is look like fraud.

- No official legal Documents

- No goverment approval

- No official Email id

- No customer care toll free number 

- Not proper secure website

- website Domain not registered

- No Register Address of this company 

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New updates 

The company issued an ultimatum. If the number of people in the team has not reached 5 after joining for more than 7 days, the contract shall be terminated unilaterally. Enjoy the company's income every day, but do nothing. The company does not need such selfish and lazy people.

If you have not reached 5 people, please meet the requirements within three days. If you still do not work, the company will terminate your contract. Company closed your account anytime 

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This is the complete review of hpztoken website with live proofs, so it's request to all the readers join at your own risk and we don't recommend to invest more money on this app

Live proof of payments 




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  1. But I am earning here and I have withdrawn amount also in this....

  2. This is Suyash
    From Cyber Planet
    This Message is to notify you that we have found most of our content in this article
    It is better to contact with us on Instagram
    Otherwise we have to take action against you

  3. Sr Mera 8000rs se jyada ko loss ho Gaya hai or unhone Mera payment stop Kr Diya hai

  4. Plz don't invest here they will block your account after to start to get benefits. This is a complete scam. I rechrged yesterday for 6850 INR but that was never succesful and my amount was debited too. Admins will talk sweetly with you at first and once u rechrge they behave like anything..u will obviously lose your reputation & dignity here, such a mf* admins they are. They never help when u face issues. I am sharing two admins whatsup no. #cyber plz take action against them.
    Whatsup no. - +91 90446 23905 (vaita kumar) & +91 70889 17947 (Natasha) their so called names in whatsup. I just want to smash their bloody faces!!

  5. Fake don't invest I have invest 32000 payment hold lasG 9 days

  6. Lost 20k total fraud instead work hard

  7. I have invested in this company and right from 1st August 2021 I haven't got my withdrawal yet but I being told by this guy claiming himself to be "Boonie"(WhatsApp no:-+91 72982 37554)(also claiming to live at Bangalore) that I have to recharge 3k to prevent my account from being frozen and so that all my withdrawal will arrive .
    Secondly they never rply to my message whenever I have some problem but however when I'm trying to recharge they always message me within a few seconds ,so wtf is this ??
    WhatsApp no:- +91 70889 17947 ,+91 81275 58249 these are some admins of the WhatsApp group.


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