E-Shram: All about E-Shram card, its benefits, how can one register to avail Rs 2 lakh

E-Shram: All about E-Shram card, its benefits, how can one register to avail Rs 2 lakh

E-Shram: All about E-Shram card, its benefits, how can one register to avail Rs 2 lakh.

An E Shram Card is a government-issued identification card for workers in India. The card is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment and is meant to provide workers with proof of their employment and any relevant labor law entitlements, such as minimum wage and safe working conditions. It is an important document for workers in India, as it helps ensure that they receive fair treatment and are not exploited by their employers.

This scheme was made keeping the unorganized workers in mind.

The E-Shram Portal has been launched to bring together the nation’s unorganised workforce. The government offers the workers cash assistance under this plan. The government deposits financial aid straight into the employees’ bank accounts. The benefit of Worker’s Compensation is additionally provided.

You must register on the website before using the E-Shram Yojana (E-Shram Portal Registration). In addition to labourers, ordinary residents, students, and low-income families can register under the e-labour scheme. Rich pople do not profit from this plan.

Guide on registering for an E-Shram Card:
On the E-Shram Portal, around 28.50 crore people have registered so far. The majority of the 8.2 crore registrations in this came from UP. On the portal, you can easily self-register yourself to benefit from the scheme. Go to the e-Shram Portal first, and then select the option for E-Shram Registration. You need to now fill in the mobile number and then OTP. After that, complete and submit the e-labour form. Your registration will be complete once the form is submitted, and you can get it in a few days.

Know what documentation is needed for registration:

You will need documentation like an Aadhaar card, a passport-sized photo, an income certificate, a bank passbook, etc. in order to register for an e-labour card. You won’t be allowed to register on this site if this document is missing.

Know the advantages of the E-Sram Yojana:
The e-Shram portal was established with the intention of providing all farmers and labourers with access to government schemes on a single platform. The government provides Rs 2 lakh in accident insurance under this scheme. Additionally, some workers receive financial aid in the form of instalment payments.

Know who will benefit from the E-Shram Yojana:

All the vegetable vendors, domestic workers, part-time workers, other labourers, farmers, and students can also register on this platform along with hawkers. One cannot apply for an e-labour card after paying taxes.

Benefits Of E Shram Card:

It serves as a proof of identity for the worker, ensuring that their rights and entitlements are protected.

It provides access to various social security schemes and welfare benefits offered by the government.

It enables workers to avail of loans and credit facilities from banks and financial institutions.
It helps employers keep track of their employees’ working hours and wages, ensuring compliance with labor laws.

It allows workers to transfer their benefits and entitlements when switching jobs or moving to another state.

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