JKSSB Sub Inspector Exam Questions Asked in all Previous Shifts—Check here

JKSSB Sub Inspector Exam Questions Asked in all Previous Shifts—Check here

We have find out 92 Questions In this List which asked in recently JKSSB Sub Inspector Exam Shifts

1. About panipat 2nd battle

2. Jahangir ruled from

3. Earthquake Related Question

4. Ultravoilet rays reacts vith oxygen to form?

5. Gis full form

6. Summit koi tha voh December Mai kis jagah hone wala hai

. Reasoning 20 above questions

. And math b 5-8 questions

7. Reasoning Mai tha Sitting A related if a is sitting at 4th place next to B aise

8. Aur average pe poocha tha

9. Alphabetical series

10. Number series

11. English pe phrase change pe ek question aaya th

Aur synonyms pe 3 the 2 easy tha ek tough tha

Antonym pe ek poocha tha

12. Ek question tha kaunsi state k saath $350 ka trade kia abhi

13. Aur ek tha kisi country k saath koi scheme ya kuch tha usmai poocha tha

14. Koi yeh gulf kis kis country ko touch krta hai

15. Ek question tha 1183 students passed in bengali… 852 passed in punjabi… 513 passed in telegu Aur fir dhundna tha how many students passed in bengali and failed in telegu

16. World happiness index 2022

17. Earthquake k related questions th

18. Curd Mai kaun sa micro organism hota hai

19. Polity atricle 360 financial emergency

73 Rd amendment

20. Who communicates in legislative assembly

21. Recorganisation article 15 L G nominate two women

22. Decan trap made up of

23. Biodiversity term coined

24. Largest desert

25. Breakfast scheme launched which state govt

26. Which oil company signed …

27. Data interpretation table percentage average

28. Chloroform reacts with sunlinght inpresence of air and form?

29. O2 kis ke saath reaction krta hai stem cells Mai

30. Science Mai bht zyada questions the

31. President who died in office Current 20+ Questions

32. Marriage aur divorce kounsi list mein aata hai

33. Anti fungal drug

34. Red data book

35. Reorganisation 3 acts

36. Chloroform

37. World happiness report rank of india

38. Awkward antonym/synonym

39. Hit on the sack

40. Active/passive

41. DI 2 question bit tricky

42. Percentage related to salary

43. Profit/loss 2 Qs

44. Relative speed question

45. Ratio proportion 1 question

46. Statement assumption 1 Qs

47. Analogy 2 Qs

48. Number series 155 185 ? 245

49. Blood relation

50. Order ranking 2q

51. Puzzle /direction sense

52. Ctrl+ page down

53. Bacteria to form curd

54. Endangered species

55. Rhinoceros which species

56. Air prevention control act

57. Section 52 jk reorg act

58. Biodiversity term popularized by

59. GIS full form

60. Harappan site—rakhugiri

61. Hunger index

62. CSTO

63. Banking regulation act which bank comes under RBI

64. Lagraj point in geography

65. Tsangpo related

66. Asia largest desert

66. Highest lake

68. Brundtland……SDG

69. Universal adult franchise.

70. Breakfast scheme launched by which state

71. Election Commission section

72. Financial emergency in which article

73. State minister and council of minister

74. which is internedia between these

75. Divorce/marriage in which act

76. Chickenpox caused by which

77. POP——-crop management

78. Denmark related

79. Hydrogen fuel bus. …. Which state launched

80. SCO related

81. Right to freedom statement wise

82. Jawaharlal nehru visited 1927 to Europe on which reason he travels

83. INC subhash chandra bose formed

84. which party

85. Aurangzeb reign for how many years

86. Chola dynasty related

87. Who conquered maldives

88. Lahore session

89. Rupee symbol shortcut key on keyboard

90. CAD computer related full form

91. F7 shortcut key

92. Ctrl+L


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