DGP’s Commendation Medal announced; 641 Police, SF officer/personnel awarded DGP congratulates awardees

DGP’s Commendation Medal announced; 641 Police, SF officer/personnel awarded DGP congratulates awardees
Jammu: Director General of Police Shri Dilbag Singh IPS has awarded DGP’s Commendation Medal and Certificate, in favour of 542 Police personnel/SPOs, 95Army/BSF/CRPF/ITBP/SSB officers/personnel, and 04 civil officers/officials for meritorious and exemplary performance rendered by them during 2022.

The DGP J&K in his message has congratulated these awardees and hoped that they will continue to work with the same zeal & zest in future as well.

Those SsP/Dy.SsP who have been awarded are SP Lakshay Sharma IPS215552, SP Sandeep Gupta IPS156629, SP Nikhil Borkar IPS176452, SP Tanushree IPS176453, SP Mohita Sharma IPS170070, SP Zahoor Ahmad Wani JKPS085566, SP Mohd Rafi Giri JKPS08604, DySP(S) Peer Abdul Haq MES891887, DySP Anu Kumar EXJ926073, DySP Abdul Aziz EXK931250, DySP Syed Ahmad Badhana EXK932114, DySP Jatinder Singh EXJ955570, DySP Satvinder Singh EXJ955477, DySP Farooq Ahmad Wani EXK952531, DySP Mohinder Paul ARP981790, DySP Bashir Ahmad JKPS116037, DySP Gh. Mohd Bhat JKPS116044, DySP Peerzada Aijaz Ahmad JKPS116080, DySP Prithpal Singh JKPS116066, DySP Ummer Rashid JKPS115782, DySP Ravinder Singh JKPS125697, DySP Abdul Raqeeb JKPS125709, DySP Tariq Mahmood JKPS125717, DySP Owais Ahmad JKPS125808, DySP Sarfaraz Bashir JKPS125839, DySP Sunil Singh JKPS127947, DySP Abdul Gafoor JKPS125821, DySP Kosheen Koul JKPS125733, DySP Mehraj-ud-Din Raina JKPS125801, DySP Amara Naseem JKPS125825, DySP Parupkar Singh JKPS135822, DySP Ms Syed Sleet Shah JKPS156159, DySP Bhishm Dubey JKPS155779 , DySP Aadil Mushtaq JKPS155772.

Inspectors who have been awarded are Inspr. Inspr.(M) Farooq Ahmed Naikoo MEG861310, Inspr.(M) Abdul Rashid Lone MEG871802, Insrp.(M) Mohd Shafi Khan MEG931976, Inspr. Dhiraj Nugyal EXJ956272, Inspr. Muzaffar Ahmad EXK952281, Inspr(M) Mahjabeena Akhter MEG952525, Inspr. Ravinder Singh EXJ966434, Inspr. Bilal Ahmad EXK971262, Inspr. Sheikh Azad Hussain ARP985554, Inspr. Mohd Amin ARP985496, Inspr. Asha Nand EXJ005877, Inspr. Kesar Singh EXJ007122, Inspr.(S) Anju Pandita MES007139, Inspr. Karan Chalotra, EXJ006227, Inspr.(S) Kavesar Ahmad MES005498, Inspr. Ajaz Haider EXJ005669, Inspr. Jalil Ahmed Kichloo EXJ007116, Inspr.(S) Pankaj Arora MES017167, Inspr(C ) Rohit Gupta EXJ017279, Inspr(S) Rajesh Tikkoo MES017296, Inspr. Ravinder Singh ARP026224, Inspr. Vishal Sharma ARP022602, Inspr. Suneel Kumar ARP026186, Inspr. Vikas Sharma ARP026234, Inspr. Sanjay Raina EXJ026208 , Inspr. Sanjeev Kumar EXJ026094, Inspr. Gowhar Hussain ARP046120, Inspr. Vinay Kumar ARP046131, Inspr. Kuldeep Kumar ARP046125, Inspr. Varun Dev Singh ARP066692, W/Inspr. Renu Rattan ARP077092, Inspr. Zia-Ur-Rehman ARP109257, Inspr. Sarafraz Ahmad EXK109304, Inspr. Mudasir Ahmad Khan ARP109309, Inspr. Majid Hassan EXK109601, Inspr. Jatinder Singh EXJ109376, Inspr. Sajad Hussain Khanday ARP109294, Inspr. Sunil Kumar Verma ARP109359, Inspr. Mohan Lal EXJ109592, Inspr. Purshotam Kumar EXJ109559, Inspr Aijaz Ahmad EXK109358, Inspr(T) Shivender Singh TEL109265, Inspr. Muzamil Showkat EXK109558, Inspr. Vishal Manhas EXJ109382, Inspr. Muzaffar Ahmad ARP115716, Inspr Abdul Rashid ARP115594, Inspr. Ishtiyaq Ahmad ARP115538, Inspr. Masood-ul-Haq AUX115575.

Sub Inspector & Assistant Sub Inspectors who have been awarded are SI Romesh Singh EXJ825588,SI Omkar Singh EXJ826154, SI Tazeem Ahmed ARP825983, SI Raghubir Singh ARP821638, SI Dalip Singh ARP826112, SI Mir Qasim ARP825599, SI(T) Satesh Kumar TEL836222, SI Manzoor Hussain EXJ836308, SI Balbir Singh EXJ836226, SI Ajeet Ram EXJ846014, SI Sardari Lal EXJ846425, SI(M) Ramesh Lal MEG885798, SI(M) Kasturi Lal MEG901730, SI Davinder Singh EXJ905741, SI (M) Abdul Hamid MEG911903, SI(M) Jagdish Singh EXK974111, SI(M) Jagdish Singh MEG925810, SI(M) Ghulam Qadir MEG931957, SI(M) Mohan Singh MEG935659, SI(M) Hafizullah Dar MEG951267, SI(M) Satish Sharma MEG956229 , SI(M) Pardeep Kumar MEG955606, SI(S) Prince Ji Bhat MES966305, SI Kalu Din ARP973637, SI(M) Ajay Singh MEG977132, SI(M) Jaswant Singh MEG976186, SI(M) Rajinder Kumar Bhan MEG987264, SI Ishtiyak Latif Qureshi ARP996557, SI(M) Sanjay Sharma MEG996440, SI(S) Rajni Chalotra MES016230, SI(M) Bhushan Lal MEG016266, SI Shabir Ahmad EXK022408, SI(S) Imran Iqbal Mir MES022497, SI(S) Showkat Ahmad MES022416, SI Mubashir Ahmad ARP031544, SI Rakesh Kumar ARP055981, SI Zahier Nissar EXK107547, SI Mudasir Shafi ARP109249, SI Ibrar Ahmad ARP115657, SI Raja Ohmad ARP115651, SI Rahul Dev Sharma ARP115529, SI(T) Shivani Sharma TEL135963, SI(T) Kapil Raina TEL135990, SI(T) Ashwani Kangotra TEL136007, SI(T) Satyender Pal Singh TEL135985, ASI Mohd Farooq ARP835517, ASI Partap Singh ARP841506, ASI Sulinder Singh ARP841824, ASI Jarnail Singh ARP861370, ASI Kuldip Singh ARP875548, ASI Raj Kapoor EXK876432, ASI Bashir Ahmad EXK872519, ASI Pyray Krishan Koul ARP875579, ASI Mohd Shafi EXK871251, ASI Bashir Ahmad EXK871904, ASI Karan Kumar EXJ875801, ASI Bishan Dass EXJ875709, ASI Anita Anthal ARP875615, ASI Muzaffer Din EXE871615, ASI Ravinder Singh ARP875718, ASI Wali Mohd Khan EXK872712, ASI Inderjeet Singh EXK895731, ASI Vijay Kumar TEL905611,, ASI Mohd Maqbool EXK911531, ASI Mymoona Akhter EXK921242, ASI Mohd Maqbool Rather EXK921855,, ASI Jaspal Singh EXK932103, ASI Rajinder Kumar ARP931478, ASI Surinder Singh EXJ925536, ASI Karan Singh EXJ935943, ASI Balbir Singh EXJ945491 , ASI Nisar Ahmad Mir EXK941400, ASI Mohd Assam EXJ956260, ASI Rajesh Kumar EXJ956548, ASI Kawalnain Singh EXK952701, ASI(M) Gh. Hassan Bhat MEG951276, ASI Subash Chander EXK965516,, ASI Syed Hussain EXK972124, ASI Feroz Ahmad EXK972661, ASI Naresh Kumar EXJ977197, ASI Kashmir Singh EXJ975590, ASI(T) Abdul Bashir Bandh TEL973483, ASI(T) Raju Raina TEL977417, ASI(M) Manish Kumar MEG975698, ASI(T) Navneet Kumar TEL984226, ASI(T) Ajaz Ahmed TEL987237, ASI Tilak Raj EXJ986869, ASI Yash Paul EXJ987013, ASI(M) Khursheed Ahmad MEG983869, ASI Pardeep Kumar EXJ986924, ASI (M) Bishan Lal MEG985845, ASI(M) Mohd Rafi MEG984686, ASI Subash Chander ARP997591, ASI(M) Rakesh Singh MEG995821, ASI(M) Abid Hussain MEG993832,, ASI(M) Neeraj Sharma MEG013021, ASI(M) Mushtaq Ahmad MEG017420, ASI Parmeet Singh EXK002813, ASI(M) Ashtosh Koul MEG017260, ASI(M) Tanveer Ahmad MEG021474, ASI Vikas Sharma EXE072718, ASI(M) Sohan Lal MEG077895,, ASI Lateef Ahmad EXK098333, ASI(S) Mohd Iqbal MES125485.

Those Head Constables who have been awarded are HC Firdous Ahmad ARP872267,HC Mohd. Amin ARP871567 , HC Bashir Ahmad ARP871520, HC Romesh Chander EXJ895682, HC Mushtaq Ahmed Bhat ARP891272, HC Rattan Lal ARP905689, HC Mela Ram ARP901287, HC Surinder Singh EXE902195, HC Parshotam Kumar ARP902099, HC Abdul Rashid Najar ARP911459, HC Darshan Lal ARP911567, HC Pushap Singh ARP911656, HC Javed Iqbal ARP925851, HC Mohammad Ayoub ARP921496, HC Nissar Ahmad EXK927129, HC Updesh Kumar EXE922152, HC Bashir Ahmad ARP921388,, HC (Dvr) Rajinder Kumar ARP935805, HC Rajinder Singh ARP935791, HC Gh. Hassan ARP931588, HC Mir Alam Khan ARP936031, HC Roop Singh ARP935590, HC Bashir Ahmad ARP952856, HC Kishori Lal ARP951748 , HC Tariq Ahmad Dar ARP955995, HC Jasvinder Singh ARP955950, HC Mittar Pal Singh ARP956102, W/HC Melisha Devi EXJ956542, HC Ashiq Ali EXJ965804, HC Janak Raj EXJ962491, HC Rakesh Singh ARP962227, HC(Dvr) Baljeet Singh ARP962059, HC Fayaz Ahmad EXK961845, HC Bashir Ahmad ARP965520, HC Asgar Ali EXJ966291, HC Sunil Kumar Raina EXK966350, HC Ghulam Jeelani EXK961954, HC Gul Mohammad EXJ966057, HC Fayaz Ahmad EXK961686, HC Kulvir Singh EXJ965436, HC Kashmir Singh ARP952207, HC Kuldeep Singh ARP976770, HC Satish Kumar ARP992577, HC Ajaz Hussain EXJ977746, HC Jagdish Raj EXJ976705, HC Jaswant Singh EXJ977072, HC Sanjeev Kumar EXJ976151, HC Ashok Kumar EXJ976265 ,HC Sanjay Kumar EXJ975475, HC Ashwani Kumar EXJ976645, HC Pawan Kumar EXJ976339,HC Altaf Hussain EXK972382, HC Shabir Ahmad EXK973152, HC Keemti Lal EXJ976717, HC Rajinder Singh ARP973942, HC Rakesh Kumar ARP972922, HC Mushtaq Ahmad ARP973688, HC Shafat Ahmad ARP972760, HC Shabir Ahmad EXK973310, HC Gh. Mohd ARP972654, HC Mukhtar Ahmad ARP973772, HC Ramesh Kumar EXK972941, HC Syed Tariq Ahmad EXK971374, HC Sukhbir Singh ARP972843,, HC Muzaffar Ahmad EXK973454, HC Balbir Singh ARP971810, HC Dawood Ahmad Sheikh EXJ971305, HC Sanjay Kumar ARP975635,

HC Abdul Aziz APR871731, HC Vinod Kumar ARP975885, HC Gulzar Ahmad ARP972832

W/HC Surinder Kumari EXJ976431, HC Pawan Kumar EXJ975941, HC Ajay Kumar EXJ977329, HC Bilal Ahmad EXK983967, HC Bashir Ahmad EXK981987, HC(Dvr) Bakhtiyar Ahmad EXK984886, HC Raj Kumar EXJ985918, HC Noor Ahmed EXJ986286, HC Irfan Hussain Reshi EXK982530, HC Zahoor Ahmad EXK982493, HC Irshad Hussain EXJ985653,, HC Mohd Iqbal EXJ985787, HC(T) Zaffar Ahmad TEL984463, HC(T) Sumir Kikloo TEL983621, HC Veepan Kumar EXJ987543, HC Firdose Ahmad Mir ARP991506,

HC Romesh Singh ARP995455, HC (T) Zahoor Ahmad TEL993734, HC Firdose Ahmad Mir ARP991506, HC Mushtaq Ahmad ARP993431,,HC Santokh Singh EXK997708, HC(T) Anil Kumar TEL006714, HC(T) Sandeep Chowdhary TEL005684, HC Sikander Kumar ARP995582, HC(T) Sukhdev Singh TEL006915, HC Mohd Amin ARP021495, HC(M) Pushpinder Singh MEG036639, HC Pawan Singh ARP045725, HC Sham Lal EXJ045979, HC Sunney Duggal ARP066416, HC Randhir Chand ARP077587, HC Shahnawaz Ahmad Malik EXK077090, HC Sunil Razdan ARP086053, HC Ramees Ahmad EXK098063, ,HC Mukhtar Ahmad EXK135877,

Those SgCts/Cts/Followers who have been awarded are SgCt. Ghulam Nabi ARP984583, L/Sgct. Asha Devi EXJ995632, SgCt. Uttam Chand ARP996372, SgCt. Anil Sharma EXJ996303, SgCt. Parvinder Kumar EXJ995849, SgCt. Sanjay Kumar EXJ996733, SgCt. Bhisham Singh ARP992137, SgCt.Naseer Ahmad Khan EXJ992930, SgCt (T) Showkat Hussain TEL175928, SgCt. Subash Singh EXJ995759, SgCt. Gh.Hussan ARP996523, SgCt (Dvr) Abdul Rashid Khan ARP992323, SgCt. Mohd. Rafiq Joo ARP996730, SgCt. Gh.Nabi ARP992543, SgCt. Raman Dayal EXJ996087, SgCt. Asif Iqbal EXK993411, SgCt. Ajay Kumar EXJ995736, SgCt. Jai Krishan EXJ997411, SgCt. Ulfat Hussain Khanday EXK002448, SgCt(Dvr) Satinder Singh EXJ005643, SgCt. Daleep Kumar EXJ006825, SgCt. Sanjeev Kumar EXJ007044, SgCt. Suresh Kumar ARP011729, SgCt. Mohinder Kumar ARP036148, SgCt. Naresh Kumar ARP036708, SgCt. Swaran Lal ARP095720, SgCt. Ashwani Kumar ARP066437, SgCt. Rajiv Kumar ARP097493, SgCt. Mohd Maqbool War EXK002368, SgCt. Nayeem Ahmed EXJ005816, SgCt. Tej Pal Singh EXK003182, SgCt. Mohammad Ashraf EXK001968, SgCt. Pawan Kumar ARP006301, SgCt. Kishori Lal EXJ005474, SgCt. Altaf Ahmad Wani ARP005452, SgCt Irshad Ahmad EXK013135, SgCt. Mohd Alam ARP013177, SgCt. Ashok Kumar ARP011542, SgCt. Ashwani Kumar ARP011491, SgCt. Shabir Ahmad ARP016873, SgCt.Mushtaq Ahmad, ARP013390,

SgCt. Sukhvinder Singh ARP013110, SgCt. Irshad Ahmad Bhat ARP011479 , SgCt. Sunil Kumar ARP015775, SgCt Vikas Sharma ARP016132, SgCt. Mohd Yaqoob ARP012032, SgCt. Tariq Quyoom ARP013190, SgCt. Rafiq Ahmad ARP013361, SgCt. Shabir Ahmad ARP011271, SgCt. Som Dutt ARP011869, SgCt. Mudasir Ahmad ARP012278, Sgct. Ajaiz Iqbal Mir EXK012341, SgCt. Mehraj-ud-Din ARP016736,, SgCt. Taran Singh EXK021550, SgCt. Pawan Kumar EXJ025860, SgCt. Mushtaq Ahmad Reshi EXK021447, SgCt. Satinder Singh EXK021428, SgCt Riyaz Ahmad EXK022276,, SgCt Tajinder Singh EXK022383, SgCt. Sajad Ahmad Wani EXK022061, SgCt. Joginder Kumar ARP026196, ,SgCt. Mohd Farooq EXE022025, SgCt. Mohammad Shafi EXK022518, SgCt. Imtiaz-Ul-Haq ARP031364, SgCt. Bhupinder Singh ARP036241, SgCt. Tejinder Singh EXJ035528, SgCt. Gopal Sharma ARP035574, SgCt. Bilal Ahmad ARP036556, SgCt. Vijay Singh ARP035628, SgCt. Gh. Mohammad ARP036149, SgCt. Raj Kumar ARP031295, SgCt.Paramjeet Kumar ARP035809, SgCt. Tariq Ahmad ARP035712, SgCt. Sudershan Kumar ARP036773, SgCt. Yashpaul ARP036105, SgCt. Rameshwar Singh ARP036190, SgCt. Jaffar Hussain ARP036616, SgCt. Mohd Azeem EXJ045957, SgCt. Rouf Ahmad EXK055441, SgCt. Sunil Kumar EXJ055871, SgCt. Shabir Ahmad Wani EXK055514, SgCt. Naveen Kumar ARP066266, SgCt. Mohammad Amin ARP066004, SgCt. Kabal Singh EXJ065500, SgCt. Parvaiz Ahmad Mir ARP065922, SgCt. Koshal Kumar EXJ066749, SgCt. Imtiyaz Hussian ARP065874, SgCt. Sunil Dutt ARP066290, SgCt. Raghbir Singh ARP065817, SgCt. Anju Bala ARP077955, SgCt(M) Pardeep Kumar MEG078187, SgCt. Riyaz Ahmad ARP075959, SgCt Bimal Kumar ARP078097, SgCt. Afaq Ahmad ARP077207, SgCt. Vijay Kumar ARP096093, SgCt. Harpreet Singh ARP095721, SgCt. Ranbir Singh ARP106056, SgCt Mohd Imran EXK075500, SgCt Ajaz Ahmad ARP078317, SgCt Bashir Ahmad ARP078610, SgCt. Mohd Iqbal ARP076232, SgCt. Rajinder Singh ARP077675, SgCt. Hayat Ahmad EXK075600, SgCt. Rais Ahmad ARP078020, SgCt. Manzoor Ahmad ARP075799, SgCt. Bupash Ambardar EXK075651, SgCt. Irshad Ahmad ARP076687, SgCt. Bharat Bushan EXE072679, SgCt. Javid Ahmad Bhat EXE072693, SgCt. Gh. Mohd Mir EXE072656, SgCt. Ab. Majid Dar EXE072568, SgCt. Mohammad Ashraf Rather EXE072753, SgCt. Virender Singh EXE072676, SgCt. Zahoor Ahmad ARP078450, SgCt. Farooq Ahmad ARP078480, SgCt. Showkat Ahmad Dar ARP077772, SgCt. Fayaz Ahmad Dar ARP076748, SgCt. Bashir Ahmad ARP078301, SgCt. Nagender Singh ARP086064, SgCt. Jasbir Singh EXJ085669, SgCt. Rajnesh Uttam EXJ085451, SgCt. Shamsher Singh EXJ085521, SgCt. Mehar Singh ARP096628, SgCt.Tilak Raj EXJ098212, W/SgCt. Veena Devi ARP097649, SgCt. Surinder Kumar ARP096685, W/SgCt. Asha Sharma ARP097054, SgCt. Aijaz Ahmad ARP099812, SgCt. Mushtaq Ali ARP096496, SgCt. Mudasir Yousuf ARP095827, SgCt(M) Aijaz Ahmad MEG097833, SgCt. Shiv Darshan Singh ARP091314, SgCt. Kamaldeep Singh ARP097397, SgCt Bashir Ahmad EXK097333, SgCt (M) Imtiyaz Ahmad MEG094752, SgCt. Akhlaq Ahmad ARP091525, SgCt. Vicky ARP096347, SgCt. Manoj Kumar ARP096530, SgCt(M) Anayt Ullah Mattoo MEG097726, SgCt. Pupinder Kour ARP097520, SgCt. Mohd Qayum ARP094929, SgCt. Amit Kumar ARP096615, SgCt. Paramjeet Singh EXJ095625, L/SgCt. Surekha Devi ARP108043, SgCt. Bawa Ram ARP106914, SgCt(M) Wasim Ahmad MEG107263, SgCt. Altaf Hussain EXJ107394, SgCt (T). Suresh Kumar TEL107641, SgCt. Rakesh Kumar ARP105857, SgCt(T) Anil Kumar TEL108566, SgCt. Liyaqat Hussain Wani TEL107258, SgCt. Pir Reyaz Ahmad ARP107763, SgCt Manpreet Singh EXJ118205 , SgCt(M) Jugal Kumar MEG117022, SgCt (M) Tanveer Ali Mir MEG119598, SgCt. Sarbjeet Singh EXJ117671, SgCt(M) Sachin Sumbria MEG118315, SgCt. Naresh Singh EXJ117686, SgCt Bilal Ahmad EXK115750, SgCt(M) Naresh Kumar MEG118805, SgCt(M) Jameel Ahmad Sheikh MEG118908, SgCt. Basharat Ahmad EXK115796, SgCt. (M) Mir Shakeel Ahmad ARP126077, Const. Rajandeep Singh EXK125883, SgCt Javid Ahmad EXK135662, SgCt Tawseef Ahmad EXK145594, SgCt (M) Shahid Hussain MEG166128, Const. (Cleaner) Rakesh Kumar EXE061285, Const. Sudesh Kumar ARP099208, Const. Pradeep Singh EXJ105611, Const. Rohit Kumar ARP106559, Const.(T) Ashwani Kumar TEL109113, Const. Mohd Skinder ARP105961, Const. Mudasir Shafi EXK111865, Const. Tawseaf Hassan EXK116786, Const. Nazir Ahmad EXK119618, Const. Anil Kumar EXJ118778, Const. ParshotamLal EXJ111635, Const. Zahoor Ahmad ARP115517, Const. Mudasir Ahmad EXK117043, Const. Arshid Ayoub EXK116624, Const. Joginder Singh ARP108583, Const. Ajay Kumar ARP109667, Const. Jasbir Singh EXJ111467, Const. Chaman Lal EXJ155569, Const. Sahil Sharma ARP155714, Const. Sunny Bhat ARP169285, Const. Rajinder Kumar ARP166699, Const. Mudasir Ahmad Parrey EXK119992, Const. Ashiq Hussain EXK126337, Const. Gulzar Ahmad EXK126900, Const. Karan Singh EXJ135442, Const. Jonny Kumar ARP167875 ,Const. Mudasir Ahmad EXK127992, Const. Irshad Ahmad EXK126374, Const. Mohd Irfan EXK127244, Const.(T) Shiv Kumar EXJ135802, Const. Aadil Mohi-ud-Din ARP145553, Const. Skinder Paul Singh ARP156013, Const. Adil Ahmad ARP167197, Const. Sandeep Kumar Sharma ARP166719, Const. Vivek EXJ175789, Foll. Kamal Gill EXJ871660, Foll. Habibullah ARP871544, Foll. Isher Dass ARP905853, Foll. Shori Lal ARP971884, Foll. Yog Raj Singh ARP977605, Foll. Lateef Ahmad ARP987472, Foll. Mohammad Riaz EXK002056, Foll. Pardeep Singh ARP017074, Foll. Tabasadaqe Hussain ARP026125, Foll. Preetam Kumar ARP022162, Foll. Shabir Ahmad Ganai ARP036612 Foll. Tilak Raj ARP035587, Foll. Mehraj Din Khan EXK045549, Foll. Kriti Gupta EXK055548, Foll. Farooq Ahmad EXJ066274,, Foll. Parshotam Lal EXJ077672, Foll. Sandeep Kandhari ARP112213, Foll. Shabir Ahmad ARP126654, Foll. Moosa Wani EXK176241, Foll. Paul Teji EXJ977770, Foll. Vijay Kumar 136/DPL Jammu and Foll. Lekh Raj ARP036020.

26 SPOs who have been awarded are SPO Lekh Raj 931/J, SPO Prem Kumar 951/SPOK, SPO Devinder Kour 23/S, SPO Nazir Ahmed 266/P, SPO Mukesh Kumar 499/DS, SPO Vijay Kumar 1176/SPO, SPO Hem Raj 267/SPO, SPO Ram Paul 41/SPO Samba, SPO Gopal Krishan 27/Rsi, SPO Gorav Sharma 198/RSI, SPO Bipen Kumar 1824/D, SPO Sethi Singh 337/GRP, SPO Joginder Paul 03/SPO, SPO Sham Lal 909/J, SPO Jagdev Singh 38/SPO, SPO Ram Pal 01/SPO PHQ, SPO Narinder Sharma 2034/SPO, SPO Shakeela Begum 1253/SPO, SPO Sohan Lal 166/Udr, SPO Umesh Bhat 266/J, SPO Som Nath 180/J, SPO Des Raj 440/D, SPO Santosh Kumar 1165/J, SPO Kulbir Singh 108/J, SPO Vishal Gupta 1004/J and SPO Ravi Kumar 205/GRP.

42 officers and officials of CRPF are IGP Manvinder Singh Bhatia IPS109558, DIG Mathew A. John IRLA3588,DC Thakur Diwakar Singh IRLA7153, AC Ling Jam Cha Ravi IRLA9693, AC Jawed Hussain IRLA9602, AC Omprakash Singh IRLA9199, AC Teja Ram Choudhary IRLA10770, 2IC Naveen Kumar Yadav IRLA6568, 2IC Arvind Kumar Dixit IRLA6133, ASI (GD) Mohd Farooq 903061857, Asstt. Comdt. Vijay Mahendiratta , 2IC Deepak Mehra IRLA5483, DC Rajaneesh Kumar IRLA8358, AC Gul Junaid Khan IRLA106923 , CO Surjit Kumar IRLA No. 4735, CO Deepak Dhoundiyal IRLA No. 4975, CO R. D. Jeany Anal IRLA42532 , CO Arun Kumar Bharti IRLA42202 , AC Teja Ram Choudhary IRLA107706, CT/GD Khaim Raj Sharma 065000973, CO Dharmendra Singh Visen IRLA No. 40182 ,HC/GD Dhanjoy Kundu 041568421, HC/GD L. Ojit Kumar Singh 035150497, AC Anand Kumar IRLA No.90394 , DIG Randeep Kumar Rana IRLA No. 3114, DIG Mathew A John IRLA No.3588, DIG Kishor Prasad IRLA No.3544, CO Nadeem Ahmad Samdani IRLA No.4001, 2IC R.V. Philip IRLA No.5657, 2IC Vinod Kumar Rawat IRLA No.6028 , 2IC M. Pradeep John IRLA No.6290, Dy. CO Chanchal Parwana IRLA No. 6643 , AC Rishi Kumar IRLA No. 9082 , Insp/GD Bibhu Kumar Singh 091180084, DIG Rajesh Dhakarwal 3352,, CO Yad Ram Bunker IRLA No. 47286,, CO Dhirendra Verma IRLA No. 4480 , ,2IC Mukhatyar Singh IRLA No. 5674, AC Vivek Sharma 9781 , Insp/GD Ajay Kumar 100950027, CT/GD Ragveer Singh 055072768 and CT/GD Vickey Sharma 135232076,

10 Army officers who have been awarded are Major Neeraj Singh Pawar, Major Gen Deepak Kumar Shrivastava, Col. Sandeep Seal IC63511Y, Major Neikhotso Secu Angami, CoI. Dronacharya Routh MR07926F, Maj. Mohit Pateriya MR09180P, Col. Vikram Patra MR07316P, Col. Vikas MR07433A, Major Amit Sharma and Hav.(GNR) Hevant Kumar Uphdayay 15204005.

19 officers and officials of BSF are IG D.K.Boora BSF Jammu, AC Praveen Kumar 41939994, DIG(Ops) Brig Vikrant Nayar 82142964, Comdt. Sanjay Kumar 19360386, Comdt. Bhawani Singh 19666945, SI(GD) Uma Ram Jat 860059811, IG Raja Babu Singh IPS 72142578, DIG/PSO Dharmendra Pareek 18735772, DIG(G) Subhash Chandra 18941456, DIG(Ops) Aloke Kumar Chakraborty 19045443, ASI/GD George MO 892987463, CT/GD Joyjit Deb 110074834, DIG Rajesh Kumar 18941012, DIG Shachindra Singh Chandel 19147734, Comdt (Ops) Amrik Singh 19563398, DIG Rajesh Kumar 18941012, Comdt (Ops) Subrata Sinha 19380356, DIG Amrendra Kumar Vidyarthi 19045528, and DIG Devendra Singh Bisht 19045597.

12 officers and officials of SSB who have been awarded are Inspr.(GD) Subrata Chowdhury 11070190, SI(GD) Parshotam Lal Sharma 11170160,, ASI(GD) Jagat Ram 10020026, ASI(GD) Harbans Lal 11210309, HC(Wksp) Gurmeet Singh 12020080, HC(MT) Mohan Singh 10010644, Comdt. Shiv Dayal 15020031, 2IC Anjay Kumar Rajak UIN13050007, Dy.Comdt. Amarjit Singh 10050010, Dy.CO Ranjeet Singh UIN11211067, AC Manish Kumar UIN12120507, and Ct.(GD) Abhishake Sudan 12080251.

05 officers of ITBP who have been awarded are DIG(Sgr) Ranbir Singh 111105433, Asstt.CO/GD Soumen Chakraborty 970150133 21st Bn. ITBP, Asstt.CO/GD Nazuddin Khan 111116792 21st Bn., Inspr/GD Prashant Kumar Tiwari 120281835 and ASI(Tel) Durg Pal Singh 077014011 52nd Bn.,

05 officers and officials of CISF INSPR./Exe Sachin Nath 033200167, Inspr./Exe Rajeev Kumar 024410115, HC/GD R. Nitin 004330501, Const./GD J.S. Sudheer 120713419, and Const./GD Ganesh Paul Singh 093200055 and 02 officers of IB/SB have been also honoured with the DGP’s medal. Besides, 04 civil officers and officials have been also honoured with the medal Sr.PO Farooq Ahmad PRO036854, Sr.PO Mir Junaid PRO156513, Sr.PO Ritu PRO156528, Sr.PO Ankush Sharma PRO156483.
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