IAS Officer Kishor Kanyal transferred for insulting Driver, He said ‘Kya aukat hai tumhari’

IAS Officer Kishor Kanyal transferred for insulting Driver, He said ‘Kya aukat hai tumhari’
In a significant development, Shajapur District Collector Kishor Kanyal faced repercussions for making disparaging remarks towards a truck driver during a protest. This led to his removal from the position on Wednesday, with Chief Minister Mohan Yadav taking decisive action against the use of disrespectful language in his administration.

Government Order: Kanyal Reassigned to State Deputy Secretary Role

Simultaneously, the Madhya Pradesh government issued an official order, directing the reassignment of Kanyal to the position of state deputy secretary. The reshuffling also included the appointment of Riju Bafna, the former collector of Narsinghpur, as the new collector in Shajapur.

Kanyal’s Apology Amid Controversial Video Circulation

The controversial incident transpired during Kanyal’s interaction with truck drivers. Subsequently, he offered an apology for any offense caused by his words. A widely circulated video captured the moment when Kanyal admonished the drivers, using the phrase, “What will you do, what is your status?”

Driver’s Response and Police Intervention
In response to Kanyal’s remarks, the driver emphasized their participation in the struggle due to their perceived lack of social standing. A police officer intervened, escorting the man away from the scene.

Chief Minister’s Response

Expressing disapproval, Chief Minister Yadav emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of the less privileged under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. Regardless of an individual’s status, he stressed the importance of showing respect to those with fewer privileges, making it clear that such language would not be tolerated in his administration.

Chief Minister Yadav Expresses Disappointment

Reflecting on his own humble origins as the son of laborers, Chief Minister Yadav expressed disappointment at the use of such language by officials. He called for increased vigilance against such behavior in the new role of the Shajapur collector, expressing personal distress over the incident.
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