Tragedy Strikes Chassana Village: A Devastating Landslide Claims Lives

Tragedy Strikes Chassana Village: A Devastating Landslide Claims Lives

Reasi: In a heart-wrenching incident, Chassana Village in the Mahore Sub Division faced a devastating landslide, resulting in the tragic loss of lives. The incident, which occurred today morning, claimed the lives of a two-month-old child, her mother, and two other children as the house they were sleeping in collapsed under the force of the landslide. The catastrophe unfolded against the backdrop of heavy to moderate rainfall in the region over the past 24 hours.

Chassana Village, nestled in the picturesque Mahore Sub Division, became the unfortunate epicenter of a natural disaster that left the community in shock. The heavy rainfall, coupled with the hilly terrain, proved to be a lethal combination, triggering a landslide that had dire consequences for the inhabitants of the area.

The Tragic Loss:
The most heart-wrenching aspect of this calamity is the loss of innocent lives. Among the victims were a two-month-old child, her mother, and two other children who met their untimely demise when the house they were residing in succumbed to the force of the landslide. The entire community is mourning the tragedy, grappling with the profound grief that accompanies such sudden and profound loss.

Emergency Response:
In the aftermath of the landslide, local authorities and rescue teams swiftly mobilized to the affected area. Their primary focus has been on search and rescue operations, attempting to locate any survivors and provide immediate medical attention. The challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions have added complexity to the rescue efforts, making it a race against time to reach those in need.

Community Support:
The tight-knit community of Chassana Village has rallied together in the face of adversity. Neighbors, friends, and relatives have come forward to offer support, both emotional and practical, to those affected by the tragedy. Temporary shelters and relief efforts are being coordinated to provide comfort and assistance to the displaced families.

Weather Conditions:
The landslide occurred in the wake of heavy to moderate rainfall in the region. The adverse weather conditions played a crucial role in destabilizing the already vulnerable terrain, leading to the catastrophic event. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the interconnectedness between weather patterns and the potential for natural disasters in vulnerable areas.

Due to inclement weather conditions rain/thunder storm/snowfall in district Reasi, all inhabitants are requested to stay inside their houses and stay away from water bodies. In case of any emergency do call at the contact details provided as under

Emergency Contact Numbers

1. Police Control Room Reasi 9622856295/112

2. Mohita Sharma IPS, SSP Reasi 9205571332

3. Neeraj Padyar JKPS, Dy.SP HQRs 9419133499

4. Rohit Chadgal JKPS, DySP DAR 9419477773

5. Mohd. Irfan JKPS, SDPO Arnas 9419172201

6. Ajaz Ahmed JKPS, SDPO Mahore 9419955000

7. Surinder Singh JKPS, SDPO Katra 9906073786

8. Satyakam Sharma JKPS, Dy.SP Bhawan 9797428541

9. Kuldeep Raj, DYSP SDRF 9419124380

10. Inspector Chaman Gorkha, SHO PS Reasi 9419101042

11. Inspector Parmod Singh, SHO PS Pouni 9419925418

12. Inspector Rakesh Bamba, SHO PS Ransoo 9596819197

13. Inspector Nishant Gupta, SHO PS Katra 9419158371

14. Inspector Khyatimaan Khajuria, SHO PS Bhawan 9419903100

15. Inspector Ranjeet Rao, SHO PS Chassana 9419215555

16. Inspector Rakesh Kumar, SHO PS Arnas 8082100240

17. Inspector Charanjeet Singh, SHO PS Mahore 8492014980

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