J&K Shri Sadguru Sabha observed ‘506th Kabir Nirvan Divas’ at Kabir Bhawan Chak-Avtara, Bishnah

J&K Shri Sadguru Sabha observed ‘506th Kabir Nirvan Divas’ at Kabir Bhawan Chak-Avtara, Bishnah

Bisnah (25-02-2024): In a momentous event, the J&K Shri SadguruKabir Sabha, in collaboration with Bhagat Mahasabha & Megh Sabha, marked the 506th Kabir Nirvan Divas on the 25th of February, 2024, at the serene Kabir Bhawan Chak-Avtara, Bishnah. This sacred occasion drew a substantial gathering from across the Jammu division, particularly from districts Jammu, Kathua, Samba, Udhampur, & Reasi.

The Rituals:

The attendees paid homage to the revered Kabir ji by garlanding his statue and illuminating lamps, symbolizing deep respect and spiritual enlightenment. A significant moment unfolded as a flag (Nishaan) was ceremoniously installed at the Kabir Bhawan, destined to serve as a guiding light for spiritual and religious sentiments among devotees.

Spiritual Illumination:

As part of the commemoration, a Satsang took place, focusing on the life and teachings of Sant Kabir ji. Eminent preachers shared insights into the profound journey and wisdom encapsulated in the life of Sant Kabir. The Satsang served as a spiritual beacon, enlightening the attendees on the timeless philosophy and teachings of the revered saint.

Community Participation:

The event witnessed a massive turnout, reflecting the deep-rooted spiritual fabric that binds the communities across Jammu division. People from diverse backgrounds, including those from Jammu, Kathua, Samba, Udhampur, & Reasi, actively participated, fostering a sense of unity and shared devotion.

Symbolism of the Nishaan:

The installation of the flag (Nishaan) at the Kabir Bhawan holds immense symbolic significance. It not only signifies the commemoration of Kabir Nirvan Divas but also serves as a perpetual symbol, inspiring spiritual and religious sentiments among the devotees who visit the sacred site.


The 506th Kabir Nirvan Divas celebration at Kabir Bhawan Chak-Avtara, Bishnah, was a testament to the enduring legacy of Sant Kabir ji. The event brought together communities, fostering unity and spiritual enlightenment. As the Nishaan fluttered, it marked not just a historical event but a commitment to carry forward the teachings of Sant Kabir for generations to come, ensuring that the spiritual flame ignited on this auspicious day continues to shine brightly.
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